State Route 247 Getting $5 Million Worth of Repairs Between Barstow & Lucerne Valley

According to the Victorville Daily Press, June 17, 2021, State Route 247’s stretch from Barstow to Lucerne Valley is getting a multi-million-dollar makeover. The California Department of Transportation announced it’s giving $5 million to the Bloomington-based Calmex Engineering Inc. to fix-up nearly 30 miles of the state route, according to Caltrans spokeswoman Emily Leinen. The repairs, she said, will occur on the highway between mile markers 46 and 70, and mile markers 39 to 42. The first section of the project is situated on the part of the highway that runs north to south and connects the two communities. Mile marker 46 is near Rabbit Springs Road in Lucerne Valley, while mile marker 70 is just south of Cape Gloucestor Avenue. The second section of the project is on the east-to-west part of State Route 247. It’s a roughly 3-mile stretch of road between Midway Avenue and Clark Street. The repairs will be done with a mill-and-overlay approach. Leinen told the Daily Press the project is moving quickly and should be completed by fall 2021.

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