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Cannabis Dispensaries May Soon Sprout Up in Barstow

As mentioned in the Victorville Daily Press, June 9, 2021, Commercial cannabis is no longer banned in Barstow, but more work is needed before so-called “pot shops” can legally operate within city limits. The Barstow City Council approved a motion to end its prohibition on businesses selling marijuana within city limits. The 17-page ordinance, which passed 4-1, lays out a blueprint for how businesses will seek permits, how city officials will regulate approved sites, what methods of growing are and aren’t permitted and more. The City Council still needs to vote on how lines will be drawn for “green zones,” which are the areas where the shops will actually be permitted. The municipal code’s new language doesn’t currently designate any area within city limits where the businesses are allowed to operate. Rather, it states that no permits can be issued “until the City Council adopts a Resolution specifying allowed and prohibited locations for each type of Cannabis Business.” Further changes to the municipal code’s language on cannabis could be in the pipeline. The new ordinance sets no limit on how many cannabis businesses are allowed to operate in Barstow at any given time. It also sets only partial guidelines for how Barstow will collect tax revenue from the new industry. The City Council is tasked with deciding a specific amount for the permit-application fee by July 2021. If the council members don’t, the fee will be set at $2,500 per application by default. The new ordinance still bans outdoor growing for businesses. It does allow most other types of indoor cultivation, along with other activities such as delivery, retail storefronts and “temporary cannabis events” in which people can enjoy marijuana products in stores.

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