Vacant Land Continues to Disappear in the U.S. to Development

Which area has the most vacant land vanishing to development in the United States? Would you guess A.) Los Angeles, CA  B.) New York City  C.) San Diego, CA  or D.) Orange County, CA? If your answer was A, B, C, or D, you would be wrong. The answer is the Inland Empire, which consists of San Bernardino County and Riverside County in Southern Read More

Discussing Continued Growth In San Bernardino County

San Bernardino Growth Continues Continued San Bernardino Growth was discussed at the annual State of the County program at the Citizens Bank Arena on April 15th. As this region’s growth continues to gather momentum, county leaders gathered to discuss the county’s current and future needs via video presentation. Focusing on what factors are Read More

Projected Economic Growth in the Inland Empire & Victor Valley

In order to predict the demand for land and economic growth, we must look into the economic numbers of major metropolitan areas and other fast growing cities. Although these are just predictions, these numbers are important in forecasting future economic growth. The United States Conference of Mayors sees high growth rates for the Inland Empire, Read More

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