Discussing Continued Growth In San Bernardino County

San Bernardino GrowthSan Bernardino Growth Continues

Continued San Bernardino Growth was discussed at the annual State of the County program at the Citizens Bank Arena on April 15th. As this region’s growth continues to gather momentum, county leaders gathered to discuss the county’s current and future needs via video presentation.

Focusing on what factors are contributing to San Bernardino’s continuous growth, this program touched on jobs, health care, new developments, and education in the region. It was also announced that more young people are flocking to the area than ever before, showing that San Bernardino has a bright future ahead.

With Millennials taking over and finding a place to call home in San Bernardino, the county can expect this trend of growth to continue. Due to this new trend shift, county leaders are focusing on enhancing education in the area so that youth can receive the education they deserve that will guide them on the path towards obtaining high-paying jobs in the future. With San Bernardino being one of the areas with the fastest growing job rate in the United States, San Bernardino is undoubtedly contributing to California’s overall economic recovery and growth.

Working together to contribute to the overall growth, elected county leaders are focusing on building and maintaining a strong middle class so that this trend can become everlasting.

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