Vacant Land Continues to Disappear in the U.S. to Development

Which area has the most vacant land vanishing to development in the United States? Would you guess A.) Los Angeles, CA  B.) New York City  C.) San Diego, CA  or D.) Orange County, CA? If your answer was A, B, C, or D, you would be wrong. The answer is the Inland Empire, which consists of San Bernardino County and Riverside County in Southern Read More


Abundant, highly affordable land makes the Victor Valley an ideal location for businesses. The Victor Valley is a booming region where several companies are relocating to the area because of its many benefits. One of those benefits is Victorville’s Global Access development. Global Access is made up of the 2,500-acre Southern California Read More

Lenwood Project Will Encourage Development, Improve Safety

City officials say the new Lenwood project will make emergency response and industrial development easier. While the ribbon was cut on the Lenwood Road Grade Separation weeks ago, it’s been taking the city some time to get it open to traffic. Even so, it’s still getting good press. Specifically, Barstow city officials are being very vocal Read More

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