Apple Valley To Get A New Distribution Center

Apple Valley Distribution CenterDistribution Development Is Expected To Bring Growth

Apple Valley is currently in the process of finalizing the agreement for a development that would bring a 1.3 million square foot construction project to the area. This project would yield a large distribution center that could bring as many as 500 long-term jobs, in addition to 300 short-term jobs related to the construction.

If approved by the Town Council, this project- named the Apple Valley Distribution Center- will begin in September and take around 18 months to finish. Although the name of the company utilizing the distribution center has not yet been released, there is speculation that Big Lots will take over the space. Big Lots currently has a distribution center in Rancho Cucamonga that they are choosing to leave because the center is unable to keep up with their demand and match their growth pace. They have announced the intention to relocate around 30 to 40 miles north of their Rancho Cucamonga location.

Regardless of whether Big Lots takes tenancy of the development or another retailer, the 106 acre site near Apple Valley Airport promises to bring growth to the area. In addition to the hundreds of added short- and long-term jobs, the site is projected to bring $2.8 million in development impact fee payments to the area, in addition to over $600,000 in annual property tax revenue. Apple Valley is working to bring the project to the area by building new roads.

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