Victorville May Have a High Speed Rail Station Operating by 2022

A high speed rail linking Victorville, CA to Las Vegas has been in the works for years and now the first phase of the project is projected to be operating by 2022, according to the chief operating officer at XpressWest, the company contracted to build the high speed rail line. The project will use fully electric trains traveling at speeds over 1High Speed Rail50 MPH for approximately 185 miles along the 15 freeway. The trip from Victorville to Las Vegas would take about 80 minutes, cutting your travel time in half, and trains would leave every 20 minutes.

XpressWest is expected to produce several public benefits such as creating over 80,000 construction jobs, reducing pollutant emissions since the operations are fully electric and it would decrease the number of cars on the road, and increasing public safety by reducing the amount of traffic accidents on the 15 freeway. One of the benefits that would probably be one of the most appealing to commuters would be decreasing traffic congestion on the 15. XpressWest is expected to divert over 2 million automobile trips annually from the much traveled freeway.

According to a study by a transportation consultancy firm, it was found that once the high speed rail line was completely phased by 2035, it would produce over $1 billion each year in revenue. The number of riders is also projected to increase from 11 million in 2035 to 14 million by 2050. In addition to the high speed rail station in Victorville, expected to be completed within 5 years, there are also planned extension stops for Palmdale in 2023, Burbank in 2026, and Los Angeles and Anaheim in 2029.

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