Victorville-Las Vegas Train Expected to be Completed by 2023

High Speed Rail

The highly anticipated high speed train from Victorville to Las Vegas, being built by Virgin Trains USA, is now expected to be completed by 2023. Originally projections were for the project to be finished by 2022. In early 2019 Virgin Trains USA began rail service for another project in Florida, running between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. A second rail line between Orlando and West Palm Beach is also planned for the Florida project. An official from Virgin Trains USA stated, to the Daily Press, that the timeline for the Victorville to Las Vegas route should be similar to Florida’s Orlando route, which is under construction now. The company expects the Florida route to be completed in approximately 36 months. Having a similar timeline and with construction starting in 2020, Virgin Trains expects the Victorville to Vegas route to be complete in 2023. There is very little information regarding where the train stations for the project will be but news reports have mentioned a station might be built near the Rio casino in Las Vegas. So many people are excited for this high-speed rail project because not only will it help the environment by taking so many cars off the road when travelers go to and from Las Vegas, but it will significantly cut down on the cost and travel time. In addition, this project will create thousands of jobs. One company official stated, to the Daily Press, that the Florida project is likely to create 10,000 jobs over the first eight years, and the Victorville-Las Vegas project is expected to produce similar job growth. As far as the cost on this development, Virgin Trains USA expects to spend approximately half of the $8 billion that was previously predicted by XpressWest.

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