Victor Valley’s Southern California Logistics Airport: SCLA

The former “George Air Force Base” in Victorville has been converted into an international cargo airport. It is located just 50 miles from Los Angeles County, and only an hour and fifteen-minute drive from Disneyland and Orange County. It is strategically positioned in Victorville off Interstate 15, which is traveled extensively by motorists going to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. According to the Southern California Logistics Airport website, June, 18, 2014, The City of Victorville and Stirling Enterprises have formed a partnership arrangement to redevelop the former George Air Force Base into SCLA’s Global Access. SCLA’s Global Access is a master planned 8,500 acre multimodal transportation hub. Global Access is estimated to create more than 24,000 jobs and support another 18,500 jobs in the surrounding area when fully completed.

SCLA boasts two intercontinental runways. One is a 15,050-foot x 150-foot runway, and the other is a 9,100-foot x 150-foot runway. SCLA has a 2,600 acre Foreign Trade Zone. According to Wikipedia, June 18, 2014, A foreign-trade zone (FTZ) of the United States is a geographical area, where commercial merchandise, both domestic and foreign, receives the same Customs treatment in the U.S.A. as it would if it were located outside the commerce of the United States.

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