Victor Valley College

Victor Valley College and Adelanto Could Create Cannabis College

As stated in an article in the Victorville Daily Press, February 21, 2017, it was during a discussion about bringing medical marijuana research to the college, that the VVC Board of Trustees received an unexpected offer from the mayor of Adelanto. “I will give you the land. We will build a college for you (in Adelanto),” Mayor Rich Kerr said. “We will fund the college for you, through federal and state grants.” “You’re seriously offering VVC that the City of Adelanto will build a satellite campus … and pay all the costs associated with that for essentially (what would become) a technical training center for the hemp medical cannabis industry?” Board President Brandon Wood asked. “That came out of my mouth, yes sir,” Kerr responded. “When the students are done being educated through you, they can work in Adelanto. This is about the community in the High Desert.” Kerr suggested the campus could be
built by The Glasper Center near City Hall — “a perfect place” with thousands of commuters going by every day.

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