Street Repair

Upgrades Coming to Adelanto

According to the Victorville Daily Press, August 30, 2015, the City Council authorized pulling nearly half-a-million dollars from unallocated Measure I funds to get major street and water improvements underway at Highway 395 and Mojave Drive. The project, a long-existing agreement with Lewis Retail Centers, was previously estimated to cost $3.7 million, but the price tag jumped to more than $4.1 million following increases including construction costs and permit requirements, City Engineer Tom Thornton said. So the Council approved using $447,534 from Measure I funds to fill the gap. According to the agreement, the city will make off-site improvements including the “installation, construction, and, if necessary, repair of all street improvements, utilities, traffic signalization, storm drain improvements …” By allocating the additional funds needed to kick-start the upgrades at Highway 395 and Mojave Road, officials were also honing in on the economic development implications. The improvements are listed as a condition of approval in the city’s agreement with Lewis for that intersection’s so-called Towne Center. Officials said they were told by Lewis, however, that they’ve had inquiries from businesses, and that upgrades would make the center even that much more enticing. Thornton said the project could get underway relatively soon since it was already permitted and, now, it’s funded. Meanwhile, the city still has more than $150,000 remaining in unallocated Measure I funds for other projects.

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