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Stirling Capital Lands Major Tenant Agreements at SCLA in Victorville

As mentioned in the Victorville Daily Press, May 9, 2020, Stirling Capital Investments recently announced the completion of major lease transactions with The Boeing Company, United Furniture Industries and ComAv Asset Management at the Victorville-based SCLA. Boeing signed a 66-month lease with Stirling for 60,396 square feet of space in the building located at 13644 George Avenue. The company will complete machine tooling at the facility, work that was being done in Orange County, for its aircraft maintenance programs to support existing Boeing operations at SCLA. The hanger is used by Boeing in its expansion of flight-testing operations for new aircraft, including the Boeing 737 Max and Boeing 777. Stirling also announced the renewal of a lease for a 505,000-square-foot facility with United Furniture Industries. UFI began its furniture manufacturing operations at the facility in 2011 and renewed their lease, effective November 2020, for an additional three years, according to Stirling’s statement. UFI currently employs more than 300 full-time workers at the facility, which serves as the company’s West Coast base of operations. Stirling also reported that it successfully negotiated terms with ComAv Asset Management for a six-year lease extension for the company’s corporate headquarters. ComAv provides aviation maintenance and asset management services.

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