Sewer Main Moved Before Construction of Victorville’s Green Tree Boulevard Extension Project

As stated in an article in the Victorville Daily Press, September 13, 2020, heavy machine operators continue to move tons of dirt to relocate a sewer main that’s in the path of the Green Tree Boulevard Extension project. “The sewer line lies directly in line with the extension that will run from Hesperia Road east toward the railroad tracks,” City of Victorville spokeswoman Sue Jones told the Daily Press. During a city council meeting on Sept 1, city engineer Brian Gengler told the council the project includes the construction of a new traffic bridge over the railroad tracks that will connect Green Tree Boulevard to Yates Road near the entrance of Mojave Narrows Regional Park. The extension project is the third and final phase of the Yucca Loma Bridge/Yates Road/Green Tree Boulevard Project, Gengler said. During the meeting, the council unanimously voted to approve a contract with Parsons Transportation Group with a limit of nearly $4.9 million through fiscal 2021-22 for management of the construction project. The council also approved a contract with Dokken Engineering with a limit of nearly $582,000 for design support of the project. Also, the council approved an amendment to the fiscal 2020-21 budget, appropriating $1.2 million from the road service development impact fee for construction management of the project. The estimated cost of the project is $44.6 million, with the San Bernardino County Transportation Authority picking up 49%, Jones said. “The remaining funding will come from the Town of Apple Valley and San Bernardino County,” Jones said.

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