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Local Road Projects in Victorville

According to the Victorville Daily Press, April 22, 2020, Kimberly Cherry, a Caltrans spokesperson, said the I-15 interchange project, originally budgeted at $76 million, was in the final phase and was expected to be complete by early May 2020. Cherry said the project cost was increased to about $82 million in 2017. Reconstruction includes widening of shoulders and lanes on the bridges spanning D Street, E Street, and the Mojave River. The I-15 interchange project that began in March 2016 is intended to alleviate congestion on one of the busiest traffic corridors in the United States, according to previous reports. Meanwhile, according to Cherry, a smaller $49-million safety project on Highway 18 was scheduled to finish in June 2020. The shoulder widening project began in summer 2019. Additional to the shoulder widening and rumble strips, guard rails have been installed in two locations, including locally at Verbena Road.

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