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In Apple Valley, Annexation Will Require Second Application for Omitted Land

According to the Victorville Daily Press, January 27, 2019, state law will require town officials to file an application for the annexation of land intentionally left out of a separate plan to bring more than 1,300 acres into town boundaries. Apple Valley’s initial application, filed last year with the Local Agency Formation Commission for San Bernardino County, was itself an updated version of a similar plan from 2009 that called for the addition of 2,774 acres known as the Golden Triangle. That area included all land west of Dale Evans Parkway, north of Johnson Road, east of Interstate 15 and south of Morro Road. Residents in the area voted against that annexation in 2012, which sent town officials back to the drawing board. They returned to LAFCO last year to ask for only the western portion, a move that excluded residents from the equation. LAFCO approved the application in December 2018, but Assistant Town Manager Lori Lamson said consent came with conditions, including a separate application for the roughly 1,400 acres of omitted land. The current annexation is expected to provide the town a presence along I-15 via future development north of Bell Mountain that would look similar to what’s seen near the freeway in Hesperia and Victorville. Town documents show that some 5.7 million square feet of commercial and office space between Johnson and Morro roads could result once the 1,365 acres are annexed, thus creating the potential for increased services, as well as property and sales tax revenue bumps. The to-be-annexed land will be developed in four phases, according to a previous Daily Press report. It includes 247 residential units and 3.6 million square feet of industrial space. The phases are broken into five-year increments and could net more than $11.3 million in cash flow after build out.

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