High Speed Rail

High-Speed Rail Station in Victorville Could Be 5 Years Away

As stated in an article in the Victorville Daily Press, March 2, 2017, plans call for the first phase of the high-speed rail component of the multi-modal High Desert Corridor, connecting Victorville and Las Vegas, to be completed within five years, officials said. The project would then be rolled out in additional phases, concluding with extension stops in Burbank in 2026 and Los Angeles and Anaheim in 2029. For the planned extension to Palmdale, XpressWest is setting its sights on 2023. The rail line is anticipated to seize 27 percent of the current commuter market share as 23 million-plus motorists travel between Southern California and Las Vegas yearly, according to the ridership forecast study led by transportation consultancy firm Steer Davies Gleave. The study found that the rail line would generate more than $1 billion per year in operating revenue when fully phased by 2035, and grow from 11 million riders that year to 14 million by 2050. It is also expected to create construction jobs and stimulate growth in the L.A. and Las Vegas metropolitan areas by more quickly linking the regions.

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