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Apple Valley to Get $4.5M Grant for Intersection Widening Project

According to the Victorville Daily Press, April 28, 2018, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) has announced its intent to award millions in grant funding to spur construction of a major road infrastructure project in the works for a decade, Apple Valley town officials said. The nearly $4.5 million grant will help fund the widening and realignment of the intersection that connects Highway 18 and Apple Valley Road. The funds will be matched with San Bernardino County Transportation Authority (SBCTA) Measure I funds and Apple Valley Transportation Impact Fees (TIF) to cover the $8.92 million cost of the project, according to town officials. When all is said and done, the highway will be widened from four to six lanes, while Apple Valley Road will increase to four lanes. Grade changes along the roadway will be reduced, as well. Residents can also expect new traffic signals, storm drain installation, improved signage, retaining walls, three additional crosswalks and sidewalks, among other upgrades, according to town officials. If approved, construction is expected to begin in summer 2019. Completion is estimated in late 2020.

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