Apple Valley - California

Apple Valley: The Most Upscale Community in the Victor Valley

Apple Valley is situated in the Victor Valley, and lies north of Victorville. Apple Valley occupies a land area of 73.5 square miles. Apple Valley was incorporated in 1988, and became the Town of Apple Valley. According to former Apple Valley Councilman Bob Sagona, the designation of “Town” was adopted, instead of “City,” in order to emphasize the rural character of Apple Valley.

In Apple Valley the minimum residential lot size is one-half acre, and many homes are situated on a full acre or larger. Compare that with the typical nice home in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Orange County, which sits on a lot averaging less than 1/5th of an acre. 70% of Apple Valley’s homes are owner occupied. It is the premier executive housing area of the region. Apple Valley prides itself in magnificent homes with breathtaking views.

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