Looking Over Project Plans

Adelanto’s Rebranding Proposal Would Be Defining Moment

As stated in an article in the Victorville Daily Press, October 16, 2016, the course which three Adelanto council members charted with an incumbent led to commercial medical marijuana and a roseate proposition that the mayor recently said could fetch $1 million weekly. The Council started announcing pending businesses, new entertainment options and long-awaited plans like a traffic signal and even a dog park. The flurry of economic activity is orchestrated under the umbrella of this “new Adelanto.” The medical marijuana plan has garnered plenty of outsider attention, but the expected residual effects, city leaders say, will result in parks on the north side, hotels and restaurants along Highway 395 and more home developers calling. The journey of “New Adelanto,” could potentially culminate in two years with a city name change. “Rancho Adelanto” is one possibility being kicked around.

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