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Adelanto Sets Dispensary Borders, Eyes Expanding Grow Zone

As stated in an article in the Victorville Daily Press, December 2, 2016, the City Council agreed on the borders for two zones that will permit medical marijuana dispensaries, a day after the Planning Commission approved expanding the land area, by 160 acres, where cultivation can occur. During a special meeting, city leaders provided zoning direction to City Attorney Curtis Wright as he creates the ordinance that will officially allow dispensaries within city limits. A smaller zone will be northwest of Stater Bros. Stadium. Its borders: Jonathan Street, Powerline Road, Highway 395 and Rancho Road. A far larger zone will be within a swath of territory northeast of the stadium: Pearmain Street, Air Expressway, just west of Mesa Linda Road and Rancho Road. The city’s plan will require entrepreneurs to obtain three or four licenses to ultimately operate a dispensary. Currently, cultivation is allowed in zones marked manufacturing/industrial, but the commission is recommending that it be able to spill over to the light manufacturing zone as well — an area bounded by Air Expressway, Yucca Road, Racoon Avenue and Koala Road, just north of an existing cultivation area. The present cultivation zone is already at least 300 acres, potentially closer to 350, so the commission recommendation could widen the zone to anywhere between 460 to 500-plus acres. Pot manufacturing is also allowed within the zone, as is distribution, transportation and testing, according to a city staff report.

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