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Adelanto Company Developing New Rocket Engine

According to the Victorville Daily Press, September 25, 2015, in the quest to build a better rocket engine, an Adelanto company has invented a new gas-propelled engine that the current mayor of Hesperia, Eric Schmidt, says is light years ahead of its time. Schmidt is part of a team of engineers and rocket scientists at Exquadrum, a private contracting company that works on behalf of various components of the Department of Defense. The company tested the Solid/Liquid Integrated Cycle Engine rocket propellant engine, presenting the project to other scientists from NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in Palmdale. According to Chief Engineer Dr. Marlow Moser, the new rocket engine is revolutionary for its gas propelled that doesn’t use the conventional and expensive rocket fuel ammonium perchlorate, a costly gas used in the space shuttle. The rocket engine is intended for upper stages of the rocket launch and then to be sold to NASA and possibly the Air Force.

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