Population Growth

3 California Cities Seeing the Most Growth in the Nation Includes Victorville

According to KTLA News, March 8, 2023, as housing and living costs remain unaffordable for many living in Los Angeles, new data shows plenty of residents are migrating to more affordable locales. A new Smart Asset study shows the migration trend to more affordable cities has created a series of “boomtowns” across America. These cities saw the largest increase in population, income and available housing over a five-year period from 2016-2021. Three Southern California cities in particular saw the largest growth — Menifee, Chino and Victorville. The population in Victorville has grown by 11% over the past five years while housing units have increased by 15%. Local businesses have also increased by 12%, according to the study. Locals say Victorville is a great place to raise a family, boasting low crime rates, great schools and affordable housing. The median home price is $415,547, according to Zillow. Its residents are a mix of young families and retirees.

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