Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority Received $3.2 Million

Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority Received $3.2 millionOmnivore digester results in $3.2 million of rebates for Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority.

A little less than a year ago, an electricity-producing Omnivore digester was retrofitted to the leftover sludge digesters at Victor Valley Waste Treatment Plant. Less than twelve months later, the Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority has been paid $3.2 million worth of rebates by Southern California Edison.

Victor Valley was the first location in the nation to introduce the Omnivore digester. When it was brought in last September, it brought with it an emphasis on energy neutrality – and it has lived up to its reputation. With it, the existing digesters can triple their capacity and output biogas, a fuel that can be used to generate electricity.

Initially, the fact that Victor Valley sends 12.3 million gallons of wastewater to the treatment plant daily seems like bad news. With the Omnivore, though, the treatment plant can use that wastewater to offset the 9 million kilowatt hours the grid uses each year, preventing nearly 1,500 tons of waste from going into local landfills.

How did Victor Valley get its hands on this groundbreaking technology? Using a $2 million grant from the California Energy Commission and $600,000 of funding from the company that provided the Omnivore, Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority was able to invest in this $2.6 million piece of technology. Clearly, with the recent rebates, it has more than paid for itself!

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