Middle Class Families Flocking To The Inland Empire

Inland Empire Key to SoCal Economic Success Did you know that the Inland Empire is key to SoCal economic success? This revelation comes from the transition of middle class families moving out of Los Angeles and either leaving California completely or moving to the Inland Empire. Los Angeles is becoming less and less of a desirable place to live, Read More

Expansion for Inland Empire Businesses to Enter Foreign Markets

  Only time will tell if the Inland Empire chooses to expand its exports into foreign markets. As a key logistics hub, the U.S. Department of Commerce is continuing to encourage the Inland Empire to open up to the global market. Since nearly all imports that come into the United States through the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports come Read More

Projected Economic Growth in the Inland Empire & Victor Valley

In order to predict the demand for land and economic growth, we must look into the economic numbers of major metropolitan areas and other fast growing cities. Although these are just predictions, these numbers are important in forecasting future economic growth. The United States Conference of Mayors sees high growth rates for the Inland Empire, Read More

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