Victorville May Have a High Speed Rail Station Operating by 2022

A high speed rail linking Victorville, CA to Las Vegas has been in the works for years and now the first phase of the project is projected to be operating by 2022, according to the chief operating officer at XpressWest, the company contracted to build the high speed rail line. The project will use fully electric trains traveling at speeds over 150 Read More

Rail Line: Los Angeles To Las Vegas

Las Vegas to Los Angeles rail line gets fresh support from China. Talk about a rail line connecting Los Angeles to Las Vegas is not new, but it did gain new traction recently. The proposed high-speed rail line is now being backed by China Railways International USA CO, joining with XpressWest. This partnership between China and XpressWest, Read More

SoCal Boasts Largest Internal Migration Flow

The nation’s largest internal migration flow is happening right here in Southern California. The United State Census Bureau tracks and reports migration data throughout the country, indicating which places are becoming more desirable to live and which are losing their populations. Their more recent report revealed a surprising truth: one of the Read More

Renters Contribute To Inland Empire Economy

New Focus On Renters In The Inland Empire It is no surprise that the Inland Empire is one of Southern California’s fastest growing economies in recent times, but did you know that we can thank renters for a good chunk of this growth? Since the Great Recession, Southern California regions have tried to return to pre-recession numbers, but the Read More

Continued Growth In The Inland Empire

Land Values Will Continue to Rise While there is still land for sale in the Inland Empire, it is important to note that land values are continuing to rise. This is due to the increasing demand for development in the region, which can be attributed to its geographical location and its benefits. Inland Empire land value prices are on a northbound Read More

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