SoCal Boasts Largest Internal Migration Flow

The nation’s largest internal migration flow is happening right here in Southern California. The United State Census Bureau tracks and reports migration data throughout the country, indicating which places are becoming more desirable to live and which are losing their populations. Their more recent report revealed a surprising truth: one of the Read More

High Desert Predicted To Grow

Inland valleys are reaching capacity, spelling growth for the High Desert! For decades, the High Desert has been known as a stretch of land in otherwise-bustling California that’s maintained its more rural quality. All of that might be about to change, however. Both officials in the area and commercial real estate insiders are saying that the Read More

Renters Contribute To Inland Empire Economy

New Focus On Renters In The Inland Empire It is no surprise that the Inland Empire is one of Southern California’s fastest growing economies in recent times, but did you know that we can thank renters for a good chunk of this growth? Since the Great Recession, Southern California regions have tried to return to pre-recession numbers, but the Read More

Inland Empire: One Of The Fastest Growing Economies

Inland Empire Economic Growth Continues Economic growth in the Inland Empire has allowed the region to reach its pre-recession numbers, faster than most areas within the entire state of California. As one of the fastest growing economies, the Inland Empire is introducing jobs at a rate that is allowing the quality of life in the area to be Read More

Inland Empire Continues To Experience Economic Growth

California Economy Problems Contributing To Inland Empire Growth While the California economy continues a gradual pace of recovery, one of the regions hit hardest by the Great Recession is kicking back. Although much of California is still treading water to stay afloat with the strength of the dollar having a negative impact on agricultural Read More

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