Apple Valley To Get A New Distribution Center

Distribution Development Is Expected To Bring Growth Apple Valley is currently in the process of finalizing the agreement for a development that would bring a 1.3 million square foot construction project to the area. This project would yield a large distribution center that could bring as many as 500 long-term jobs, in addition to 300 short-term Read More

Discussing Continued Growth In San Bernardino County

San Bernardino Growth Continues Continued San Bernardino Growth was discussed at the annual State of the County program at the Citizens Bank Arena on April 15th. As this region’s growth continues to gather momentum, county leaders gathered to discuss the county’s current and future needs via video presentation. Focusing on what factors are Read More

Predictions Show Builders’ Purchasing Power On The Rise

Builders To Purchase More Land In 2015 In 2015, numbers show that builders will be stepping up land purchases. These actions will inherently contribute to the overall growth of the economy, as once land is purchased development can jumpstart. Compiled is all the must-know information regarding this increase in builder power and how it may affect Read More

Barstow On The Upward Journey Towards Growth

Expansion, Development, & Growth in Barstow's Future Barstow residents can see a prosperous New Year ahead with several development projects picking up speed. Growth in the Barstow area is expected with the emergence of these promising developments: Although the Barstow Casino Project by the Los Coyotes Tribe in Lenwood has experienced a halt Read More

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