New Homes Planned for Adelanto

According to the developer, Yogesh Goradia, there is a new residential project that will help to improve Adelanto’s economy. The 20 acre single-family housing tract will consist of 98 lots with a minimum lot size of 5,000 square feet, and is located approximately 600 feet north of Bartlett Avenue and approximately 650 feet south of Chamberlaine Read More

Lenwood Project Will Encourage Development, Improve Safety

City officials say the new Lenwood project will make emergency response and industrial development easier. While the ribbon was cut on the Lenwood Road Grade Separation weeks ago, it’s been taking the city some time to get it open to traffic. Even so, it’s still getting good press. Specifically, Barstow city officials are being very vocal Read More

Barstow Works Toward Completing Development Projects

Lenwood Grade Separation ribbon cutting is a milestone in Barstow’s progress. In late August, Barstow city officials and citizens gathered to watch the ribbon be cut on the new Lenwood Road Grade Separation. Much more than just the opening of a newly improved road in the area, this ribbon cutting marked a milestone in Barstow’s progress towards Read More

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