Edwards Air Force Base

Rosamond is the Gateway to Edward’s Air Force Base

Rosamond is often referred to as the Gateway to Edward’s Air Force Base. This close proximity to Edward’s has resulted in some service men living off base in Rosamond. This has generated new housing construction. During the base closures of the 1990’s, Edward’s Air Force Base actually grew in population from absorbing other base closures. Edward’s Air Force Base has an approximate civilian and military daytime work force of 20,600 that has a combined annual payroll of about $400 million, making it one of the largest employers in the High Desert. Due to its enormous 500 square mile size, location, weather (360 flying days per year), and accessibility to aerospace contractors (in Palmdale), EAFB is a vital link in the testing of the nation’s next generation of aircraft and weapon systems.

The Jet Propulsion Lab, now called the Astronautics Lab, is located in the southeastern corner of EAFB. Edward’s Air Force Base is where the Space Shuttle has been launched, and the home of NASA and a myriad of private companies and industries. Edward’s encompasses portions of San Bernardino, Los Angeles and Kern Counties. No doubt that the proximity of Rosamond to such a Goliath as Edward’s Air Force Base could only help the growth of this town in the 21st Century.

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