Rosamond Housing

Rosamond has Impressive Housing Developments

High profile homebuilders, such as Barratt Homes and Kaufman & Broad, have built impressive homes in Rosamond. Kaufman & Broad developed Westpark, which is a master planned community of about 600 homes on 7000 square foot lots. Westpark has an elementary school and a park, and is located on 40th St West; south of Rosamond Blvd. Homes in Westpark sell in the $200,000 range.

Rosamond also has the Tropico housing development and custom homes in the central area of town; west of town, and estate sized country homes on large acreage parcels. Skypark is one of the most interesting housing developments in Rosamond. Rosamond Skypark was developed in 1986 as a fly-in community with upscale homes on half-acre lots, featuring backyard airplane hangars and taxiway connections to the Rosamond Airport. Homes in Skypark sell for about $500,000. Rosamond Airport has a surfaced 3,600-foot runway with a self-service gas station for airplanes.

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