Kinkisharyo Light Rail Project Bringing Jobs to Antelope Valley

Palmdale Airport Job Increases Palmdale CAExpansion & Job Growth Thanks To Kinkisharyo

Under its 2012 Metro contract, the Kinkisharyo International’s assembly facility at the Palmdale Airport has been testing its delivery system by sending its Japanese manufactured rail cars to the L.A. County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro). Currently, they are assembling and testing their 78 light rail cars and arranging media led tours of the facility. In these tours, Kinkisharyo is making an effort to demonstrate how they are anticipating the infusion of jobs for the Antelope Valley through this facility.

Kinkisharyo is known for keeping promises, and they have recently announced that they will be able to fulfill another order for 97 light rail cars. This is in part due to an agreement between the labor interest groups of the area and Kinkisharyo, but more importantly, the facility has gained approval for expanding its operations to include manufacturing.

Currently, about 165 workers are employed for the assembly process of the light rail cars since only the light rail shells arrive from Japan after they are manufactured. However, that number is expected to double, if not triple, by the time manufacturing operations are introduced to the facility, which is expected to take place in early 2016. To accommodate for the manufacturing of the light rail shells, the facility will nearly triple in size, increasing from 166,000 square feet to approximately 400,000 square feet. However, this expansion is not possible without the Antelope Valley’s local labor force, as they are needed in the warehouse, electrical, and quality assurance aspects of the facility’s operations.

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