Ontario International Airport To Change Hands

Ontario International AirportOntario will regain control over the Ontario International Airport.      

In 1985, the city of Ontario sold their airport—called the Ontario International Airport—to Los Angeles. This month, they are starting the process of regaining control in hopes of bringing more jobs and more flights to their city.

In the last 30 years, more and more passengers have been opting to travel out of LAX because of its more competitive fares. As a result, Ontario city officials report that they have lost $400 million in revenue for their region each year and 8,000 jobs.

They hope to reverse this trend as they regain control over the Ontario International Airport over the next year. They plan to add more flights at more competitive rates in order to draw a greater number of passengers—and consequent revenue—back to the city and to San Bernardino County. This move will also bring added benefits to Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville, by producing more activity and growth.

The city of Ontario will be taking over the airport’s existing debts and pay Los Angeles World Airports, who currently controls the airport, $150 million over the next decade. In total, this deal is worth around $250 million.

The long-term goal of Ontario officials is to make the airport competitive with LAX, making Ontario, other inland cities, and the two-county area more desirable places to own a home or run a business. After 30 years and a lengthy legal battle, Ontario is on the cusp of regaining control of their airport. The logistics of the deal are expected to take about a year to finalize, but the end result will be an Ontario airport controlled by its own airport authority.

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