The Largest Plane in the World is Currently in Production at Mojave Air and Space Port

According to, August 2, 2015, a large aircraft is expected to take flight in 2016, and when completed, it will officially be the largest plane in the world. That massive aircraft is known as the Stratolaunch. It is currently in production at California’s Mojave Air and Space Port. Aerospace firm Scaled Composites has headed-up development of the mammoth aircraft. The plane, nicknamed “Roc” after the mythical bird of prey, features two fuselages, six Pratt & Whitney jet engines, 28 landing gear wheels, and a whopping 385 foot wingspan. “Roc” is aiming to change the way satellites are launched into space. The Stratolaunch is designed to carry a three-stage rocket (equipped with a satellite) between its two fuselages. Upon reaching the correct altitude, the rocket will detach, blast off into space, and later release the satellite. The combined weight of “Roc” plus the rocket is estimated to be 1.3 million pounds.

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