Water Main Replacement in Palmdale

According to the Antelope Valley Times, January 16, 2022, Contractors for Palmdale Water District are replacing 1.5 miles of water mains, the agency announced. Areas to be affected include 3rd Street East to Division Street and Desert Sands Park to Avenue Q in East Palmdale. Work on the $2 million project started Jan. 13, 2022 with potholing on Avenue P-12. Construction is also taking place on Stanridge Avenue, 2nd Street East, 3rd Street East, Carolside Avenue and Division Street. Completion was expected by mid-April 2022, according to contractor Toro Enterprises. Most the existing pipes in the project area are double-dipped and wrapped steel from the 1950s. Contractors will replace them with ductile iron pipes and install new services to the District’s existing customers.

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