Inland Empire: One Of The Fastest Growing Economies

Inland Empire Economic GrowthInland Empire Economic Growth Continues

Economic growth in the Inland Empire has allowed the region to reach its pre-recession numbers, faster than most areas within the entire state of California. As one of the fastest growing economies, the Inland Empire is introducing jobs at a rate that is allowing the quality of life in the area to be enhanced tremendously. Manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics businesses of the Inland Empire are to thank for these favorable gains in the local economy.

In 2013, the Inland Empire experienced an additional 51,075 jobs, and 53,117 new jobs were introduced to the region in 2014. This year, forecasts show that approximately 51,200 new jobs will be created in the Inland Empire, showing a consistent pattern of growth for the area. While the logistics industry, including jobs that involve warehousing and transportation of goods to and from the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports has contributed to the most prominent job growth, the economic growth of the area can also be attributed to the strength of the dollar. While the dollar’s current value is hurting manufacturing in California, it is actually proving to be extremely beneficial for the Inland Empire, as more goods are coming through the region’s logistics zones to combat the strength of the dollar.

One well-kept secret regarding the Inland Empire being named the fastest growing economy has to do with the partnership of the two counties that make up the Inland Empire. As the San Bernardino and Riverside counties work together to contribute to the economic growth of the region, they are able to experience higher growth numbers by taking responsibility together and sharing information that allows for economic growth to be a collaborative effort.

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