High Desert Predicted To Grow

Inland valleys are reaching capacity, spelling growth for the High Desert!High Desert Predicted to Grow

For decades, the High Desert has been known as a stretch of land in otherwise-bustling California that’s maintained its more rural quality. All of that might be about to change, however.

Both officials in the area and commercial real estate insiders are saying that the High Desert will be the next target for commercial operations looking to expand. Why? The inland valleys are close to reaching their capacity, as they’re already congested enough to prevent new builds but have already filled 70 percent of their industrial spaces. As more and more businesses are looking for fulfillment and distribution centers and warehouses, particularly as industries hit pre-Great Recessions numbers with only more projected growth, the land in the Inland Empire will quickly run out.

Experts say the next place developers will look is up the hill: to the High Desert. This area is particularly attractive not just because land is available here, but also because it’s comparatively much more affordable. What’s more, some municipalities are already taking proactive measures to welcome this growth. Shovel-ready sites fitted with power, sewer, and water are becoming increasingly common, welcoming developers to the area.

In short, the Inland Empire reaching its cap on available space has the potential to drive major businesses to the High Desert. This will mean more jobs in the area, benefitting the local economy and individual families alike.

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