Hwy 15

Last Phase of San Bernardino’s I-15 Crossover Lanes in Effect

According to the Victorville Daily Press, July 19, 2015, the $120 million pavement rehabilitation project on Interstate 15 in the Cajon Pass is moving toward completion soon. The phase of paving on southbound I-15 will require the crossover lane method — the crossover configuration will begin north of Highway 138 and continue for about five miles to south of Cleghorn Road. One to two lanes of southbound I-15 traffic will be temporarily relocated to northbound I-15, separating both directions of travel with a Quick Change Moveable Barrier. The southbound crossover lanes will be shifted between one and two lanes to allow for peak travel times using the QCMB. Four lanes will always be available on the northbound I-15. The final crossover configuration will be in place for approximately 10 weeks while the new concrete pavement is placed and cured. Enhanced freeway signage and added patrols will be in effect for the crossover duration. Road work continues nightly along project areas on Interstate 15 from about Highway 395 through Cajon Pass to Devore for interchange construction and pavement resurfacing. The northbound I-15 to the southbound I-215 are now open. Besides the crossover lanes for southbound lanes, interstate and shoulder reconstruction work continues with day and night work on the rehabilitation project. There is no access to the Highway 138 or Cleghorn Road off-ramps from the crossover lanes.

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