Population Growth

How Many People Live in San Bernardino County After The 2020 Census Count?

As stated in an article in the Victorville Daily Press, August 14, 2021, San Bernardino County grew by more than 140,000 people, or 7.2%, over the past 10 years, according to U.S. Census data. The population now stands at 2,181,654. Figures show that while the number of people identifying as white fell, people in all other racial groups increased. In 2010, whites made up more than half of the county’s population, or about 1.1 million. Now, the group comprises about 36%, or just over three-quarters of a million. The number of people identifying as two or more races, meanwhile, jumped a staggering 253.5%. People in this group now make up 16.6% of the population, or 361,854, as opposed to 2010 where just 5% identified as being biracial or multiracial. County residents identifying as American Indians jumped almost 84% to 41,663 residents, or nearly 2% of the population. Residents identifying as Asian rose by 41.7%. They now make up 8.4% of the population, or 182,287 residents. This group is followed closely by people who identified as “other,” which increased about 41% from 439,656 in 2010 to 621,140 in 2020. More than half of county residents, or roughly 1.1 million, now identify as Hispanic or Latino in ethnicity, a jump of 17%. People identifying as Pacific Islander saw an increase of 8.6%, and people identifying as Black went up 1.5% making up 8.5% of the population, or 184,558 residents.

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