5 Major Barstow Construction Projects To Keep An Eye Out For

Barstow Construction ProjectsMajor Projects In The Works Throughout Barstow

Things are only moving upwards for the City of Barstow with 5 major projects currently in the works. These five projects are expected to bring growth, jobs, and new beginnings for the region, emphasizing the importance of seeing how they will affect you. The 5 major Barstow construction projects to look forward to their completion include:

  1. Lenwood Road Grade Separation – This $31 million project will improve traffic flow while simultaneously accommodating future traffic demands by widening Lenwood Road into two lanes for both directions. There is also a new bridge on Lenwood Road that will further enhance traffic flow.
  2. Wellness Center At Barstow Community College – This $10 million project is expected to be complete before summer’s end, offering Barstow residents a new 25,000 square foot complex for various activities.
  3. Henderson/Cameron Street Improvements – Curbs, cross gutters, gutters, sidewalks, and curb ramps throughout the Henderson and Cameron area will undergo significant improvements through this $8.5 million project.
  4. Highway 58 Project – Highway 58 will undergo a major remodel, with widening and realignment taking place to improve traffic flow. This $201 million project will not close down the freeway while construction is underway.
  5. Fort Irwin Hospital – This $162 million project will be replacing the current Weed Hospital inside the National Training Center with a state of the art hospital that is expected to be completed by mid-2016.

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